Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cover Letters That WIN In 2016

As we settle into the New Year, it is once again, time to set priorities. How about putting "Write a brand new cover letter" at the top of your list?

Decorate Your Cover Letter With Sincerity

What does it take to create cover letters that sparkle with warm words and practical information? Four simple (and sincere) ingredients that you can master with a little time and thought.

1.      A friendly greeting. 

Dear Ms. Manager:

I was excited to read your ad for a qualified person to fill the position of sales executive at the XYZ Corporation. I felt you were writing to me personally, since I've had seven years of product sales experience and have directed… which resulted in increased revenue for my previous employer…

2.      A specific point.

In fact, all of the tasks I performed as product sales manager of ABC Company have prepared me for what I consider the next level--sales executive. I am ready and eager to assume the full responsibilities of this position. I'm known for my ability to pull team members together, to lead and accomplish goals with them, and to intervene in a crisis with a level head.

     3.   A practical goal.

My objective for the next year is to encourage my peers and subordinates and to increase the company revenue through cost cutting and savings. Customer service and harmonious employee relations are also among my top goals day-to-day.

4.       A future plan.

May we meet to discuss this job? I'd welcome the opportunity to hear your expectations for the man or woman you hire and to provide you with examples of why I believe I'm the person to fill the position. Please call me at 111-123-4567 at your earliest convenience.

Raise Your Glass To A Great New Year And A Great New Job

Complete your cover letter and then take an honest look at it. Does it include the four elements listed above? Does it sound friendly yet professional? Does it reflect you at your best? If your answer to any of these questions is 'no' then go back and rework that section until it feels just right. Keep in mind the most important action to take is to be yourself.

Then raise your glass to the New Year--the year that will lead you to new employment and new opportunities--the result of a great cover letter that presents your unique self.

Happy New Year and happy job hunting!
Author: Jimmy Sweeney - President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator.