Tuesday, January 19, 2016

6 "KEYS" To Job Interview Success In The New Year

A new job in the New Year. Wouldn't that be wonderful? You may be nodding your head. Read on to find out how to ring in 2016 with a first class interview. The keys below will help you unlock the door to your next job interview.

Key #1:  Turn off negative thoughts. Look at yourself in a mirror and affirm what you see and know. You are a capable and experienced person who can talk clearly and with confidence.

Key #2:  Practice with a friend what you want to say and do during the interview. Such an exercise is a good way to shake off worries and to make changes before the big day.

Key #3:  Remember that fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. Some apprehension is perfectly normal. It means you are eager to do your best and you're taking the interview seriously.

Key #4: Avoid drinking or smoking before your appointment. Raising a glass or two during the holiday season may be fun at a party but not before an interview.

Key #5: Put off vigorous exercise for another day or when the interview is over. You'll want to be alert and attentive as you listen to the interviewer's questions and to your own responses.

Key #6: Stick to the point. Talk about what is relevant to the interview––your work experience, job qualifications, and your goals for supporting the company and increasing revenue and so on. Avoid talking about their family and friends, hobbies and health. If you are asked questions about such matters, of course answer honestly, but briefly. Too much unrelated information can ruin your chances.

Before the interview, slip these 'keys' onto your keychain, review them, and use them. Watch how they will unlock the door to a first class interview for the job you desire.

Happy New Year!

Author: Jimmy Sweeney is president of CareerJimmy and creator of the brand new, "Job Interview Secret Document."