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September 23, 2010

Submit Articles

Please e-mail your article as a Word document attachment (.doc) to After receiving and reviewing the document, we will be able to publish it on our blog or website.


The Title of the article should contain about 5-10 words and the Main Content should contain 300 - 600 words. We will publish your name but not your email address. All articles are reviewed after submission. No registration - No setup.

Articles should be original and you should be the sole owner and author of the article. All articles should be written in your own words and should not violate copyright of others. Spam submissions and articles with copied or offensive content are rejected without notification. Articles submitted on multiple sites are considered duplicate too.

Topics include:

English Grammar
How To Write Right
Resume Writing/ Cover Letter Writing

January 4, 2007

Kindly Re-Subscribe To Our Newsletter, PEN

As you know, PEN is Perfect's FREE Newsletter. Our online newsletter subscription form at is presently unavailable. Recently, our database server has suffered a hardware failure due to which there has been a severe data loss in our newsletter subscribers' database. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may cause to you.

Please Help

We need your help to put things back in their place. If we work together we can restore a lot of what we have lost.

We request everybody, who has subscribed to our monthly newsletter via our online form in the last six months, to kindly send a blank email to with the subject line "subscribe", so that the database records can be restored and updated perfectly. Thank you for your time and patience. Have a nice day.

October 11, 2006

PES Introduces New Service to Keep Websites Fresh and Updated

We at Perfect Editing Solutions have started Website Maintenance services to help personal and small business websites reduce the risk of losing visitors and encourage people to return.

The only major way to get visitors to come back is to change the content of your website constantly and to be sure that your visitors know it is changing. So, don't just make and keep your website; maintain it as well.

Keep your customers informed with consistently updated information on your website. Perfect Editing Solutions will update text, images, events, change of address, anything you need updated. Our flexibility allows you to choose to update on a monthly basis or on a per case basis, whichever suits you better.

Let Perfect's Website Maintenance Services keep your site current, which will make your customers happy and satisfied and also keep them loyal to your business. For more information, click here:

November 16, 2005

Sign Up For Perfect Editing Newsletter (PEN)

Here is an announcement!

We at Perfect Editing Solutions are starting a Newsletter soon! PEN will be Perfect's FREE Newsletter, which will be published once a month, covering excellent news, information and articles. So, don't wait. Quickly sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter at