March 9, 2019

How to Answer Interview Question on Why You Left Your Job

You may answer in any of the following ways:

1. Looking for better career prospects, professional growth and work opportunities.

2. I wanted to take on new responsibilities that this role and company couldn’t offer.

3. I was hired for a particular role, but I was no longer being given the opportunity
   to do the work I was interested in.

4. Want a change in career direction.

5. I was no longer enjoying my work.

6. I didn’t feel the job was using my abilities to the fullest or challenging me enough.

7. I resigned from my last job to take care of a family issue. The issue is resolved, so I am able to
   work full time again without any problem.

Always be positive while explaining your reasons for leaving a job:
  • Never badmouth, especially if you were fired.
  • Don’t make it sound like money is the only thing you care about.
  • Don’t say you had a fight with a colleague or your previous boss. Don’t try to blame him/her for it.