August 14, 2019

6 Ways to Proofread Your Resume

1. Read every word of your resume silently and slowly.

2. Use the “spell check” feature of your writing application software
but don’t completely depend on it. While it will point out most spelling
mistakes, it won’t always correct the grammatical errors or if you have used
the wrong word.

3. Be careful with contractions and the possessive tense. People often
confuse there, their and they’re, you’re and your, its and it’s, etc.

4. Check whether you have maintained your consistency in capitalization,
punctuation, spacing, and bullets.

5. Click any active hyperlinks (e.g., email, your online background details, etc.)
 you have included in your resume to ensure they reach their destinations correctly.

6. Check your verb tense. For jobs you have left, use the past tense
(e.g. “Managed a team of 20 members”). For your present job, use the
present tense or present continuous tense (e.g. Manage and maintain data
in the system by entering enquiries received via email, phone, website,
fax etc.”). Ensure to use the same tense for each bullet point under a
given job.