February 21, 2014

A New Year and a Brand-Spankin' New Cover Letter!

10 . . . 9 . . . 8 . . .! The hours tick away one by one till they run down and out and a brand new year dawns. What will you do with this bright New Year ahead? Simply count down till it too is over, or make it count for you and your career starting now?

This is the hour. This is the day to create a new cover letter that will lead to a new interview for a new job—the one you've wanted for so long. That may take some doing, some thinking and planning, and some wanting—wanting enough to make it happen.

Following are five key ingredients to insure a new and compelling cover letter—one you can write.

1. A smashing headline—a carefully written phrase that will grab the hiring manager's attention and make him or her want to read more. Place the headline right below the greeting in your cover letter. Example:

Why I believe I'm the most qualified person to fill the position of [Insert job opening title here].
Just say the words, "You're hired for [Insert job title here]" and you won't be disappointed.

2. Short sentences with simple words. Stay away from long-winded writing that drives the reader away, wondering what you really meant to say. Examples:

For ten years I led a sales team at ABC Corporation that exceeded all stated goals.
I will do the job right—right away.

3. One page--tops. Put it all on a single page—not one and a half or two. Just one! Get right to the point of why you're qualified. Leave the details for your resume.

4. Appreciation. Regardless of the outcome, say 'thank you' in writing for being considered. Everyone deserves gratitude. Examples:

Thank you for reading and considering my letter.
May we meet in person to discuss this job in detail?
I am grateful for the opportunity to contact you with this cover letter.
I'd welcome meeting in person to talk specifics.

5. A cheery P.S. below your signature line. Here is a polite and light-hearted way to remind the hiring manager of your next step. Examples:

P.S. I'll phone you on January 5 when you return to the office. I welcome a chance to meet and speak in person about (insert job title here). If you have any questions, please call me at 333-333-3333. Thank you in advance.

P.S. I'm eager to assume the position of (insert job title here). Are you free to meet to talk over the details? Please call me at 333-333-3333. Thank you again.

If you write a cover letter with these outstanding ingredients, you'll be among the very few job seekers that know how to reach a hiring manager in a personal and professional manner. He or she will be motivated to seriously consider you as a candidate for the job opening. What a great new year you could have—all because you took time to create a great new cover letter. Then it will be just a matter of counting down the hours till you're hired.
Author: Jimmy Sweeney
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