June 17, 2009

Reproduction of A Story-Poem

What you have to do here is to tell in your own words the story which is told in a poem. Therefore, the first thing is to read the poem as a story, so that you know what the story is; and the next is, to tell the same story in your own words and your own way.


1. Read the whole poem through, slowly and carefully. If after the first reading, the story is not clear to you, read the poem again, until you are confident about the meaning of the poem.

2. Write down briefly the main facts of the story, in order to help yourself in your narration. Do not leave out any important point.

3. Now, try to write out the story in simple, straightforward English, mentioning the incidents of the story in their natural order.

4. Use your own words in telling the story. Do not just copy the language of the poem. Write the story using simple, plain words.

5. When you have finished writing the story, read the poem once again to see if you have left out any important fact or have stated any point wrongly.

6. Finally, proofread your composition, so that there is no mistake in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Also, see that your sentences are properly constructed, and that the whole composition reads well.